VocAbility provides timely, objective, and thoughtful opinions in:

Vocational Evaluations

Sometimes an individual is unable to return to their prior work because of a disability and they need assistance with choosing a new career. A Vocational Evaluation will look at the individual's residual functional capacity, education/training and work history, transferable skills, interests, personality, and labor market to offer recommendations on new job goals.  In some cases when the disability is severe, it may highlight a decrease in the number of jobs available in an individual's local labor market.

Permanent Total Disability Vocational Evaluations

In the area of Worker's Compensation, some Injured Workers may file for Permanent Total Disability because they are unable to work due to their injury. A Vocational Assessment will investigate the Injured Worker's ability to sustain remunerative employment by reviewing medical records, conducting an interview of the Injured Worker, and by performing a Transferable Skills Analysis and Labor Market Survey.

Earning Capacity Assessments

Earning Capacity Assessments explore an individual's economic loss that is the result of an impairment or it may explore future earning potential.  An Earning Capacity Assessment can be used in personal injury settlements, divorce, and employment discrimination.

Workers' Compensation Case Management & Job Placement

Returning to work may be difficult when recovering from an injury.  There are services that can help an Injured Worker return to work with their current employer or in a new job with a different employer.  The type of service coordinated varies between individual cases and can include, but is not limited to:  vocational evaluations, career counseling, short term vocational training, and job placement.

Vocational Expert

VocAbility Inc., is a respected firm established in 2017 that provides opinion and testimony related to loss of earnings and employability. Ms. Petkoff provides current and relevant vocational testimony because she concurrently practices vocational rehabilitation as a Workers' Compensation Case Manager and as an Employment Specialist for the state rehabilitation agency.  In addition, she also provides testimony in Social Security disability hearings. Based out of Akron, Ohio services are can be provided in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  


For a free case consultation, call (330) 278-1218, send an email to lauren.petkoff@outlook.com, or complete the online form below.

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